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The journo within me…


I recall wanting to tap back to my writing but having an idea’ s block, you know when you so hungry to write yet you have no idea what you want to write about…. Yes that feeling, I have been having a lot of that of late, I just can’t help it, I was born to do this, no matter how much my 9 – 5 consumes most of my time, I just agree with my heart and soul, I need to write!

I was having some late night drinks while catching up with my dearest friends, who I must say are the most talented bloggers, writers, creatives, fashionistas  in the hub of Jozi, if anything everywhere really. Neo Motloung who is popularly known as “NeothemediaGuru” and the outrageous diva Tshepo “Sponono fierce” Mosokotso, that title on its own is enough to tell you about that character, but nonetheless they really gave me a wake up call that could just save me from my devious uninvited friend who goes by the name procrastination.

The power of words is one that I cannot explain in words...

The power of words is one that I cannot explain in words…

They reminded me of the importance of doing what you love and just living life everyday knowing what you want out of it and going out there to get it. I always go home everyday and make countless promises to myself that “Polly, today you WILL write something, tomorrow we posting that article girl” but dear friend, this new best friend of mine called procrastination is just an evil watch dog of my successful writing career.

The ideas will flow in my head and research will be done (well most of it) but that’s just about as far this woman right there is willing to go.

But hey last night as I sat with my laptop, going through my files and all, I just though, why not? Let me just do this, my heart is yearning and hungry to tell stories entertain and just educate the masses, share experiences and get the love and hate is bares along with it, but wait! I’m just not sure if the energy was brought about due to the Redbull I had been drinking the whole day or if I was just fed up with this disloyal  friend of mine procrastination. Gawd I cannot deal with such.

But regardless, I managed to get through this article without having any writers block (so excited) and just as I was busy speeding through the keypad some sense of happiness was brough upon my heart. I must admit, I have been going through quite a lot of stressful situations in my life at the moment, but this does not even measure up to anything, this is my calling and not even heartaches nor stress and any 9-5 will bring me down. I am back and I am back to stay.


So to all those that have been sending me press releases, and sharing some of my archived work on the blog, I hope I can honor your loyalty and trust in my work and just dump this disloyal  friend for greater things in life “yes”, and that is bringing back my first love after such a long break. WRITING.

I’m not promising daily posts, but I do promise to keep you entertained, to keep you in the loop of all things hip and happening and yes, deliver quality reader friendly content to all my readers, can I hear an AMEN (lol) kidding, but yeah, I will do my best to keep this promise, especially to my two friends who just promised to dump my ass if I don’t get in the game soon.

So yes B@#*^s I’ m back all thanks to you two…

Neo and tshepo

Left: NeoMediaGuru (Neo Motloung) and Sponono Fierce (Tshepo Mosokotso) these are what one would call BFF’s for life

Would like to thank my friends for reminding me about my first love and just for being there for me to encourage me and push me beyond any boundaries.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and do remain as you are… FIERCE,  BEAUTIFUL and DIVINE  (well as my diva would say )

Please do check some of their work here:

Sponono Fierce 



XOXO till next time, keep on reading you fabulous souls


Are hip hop sistaz respected in Mzansi?

It would be very hard for any hip hop head in Mzansi to name 5 hip hop sistaz. Basically there is no hip hop sista in our game that has grabbed the spotlight like Nicki Minaj , Foxy Brown, Da brat or Lil Kim to name a few. Hip Hop here at home is similar to the mines in Marikana, Male Dominated. Our game has grown in every toe of the African foot however hip hop ladies remain rare like water in the desert.

Lil Kim (Naked Truth)

Lil Kim (Naked Truth)

There is a male Rapper that represents every province, every language, every race, every culture however there is no female that has made a track as big as HHP’s Music n Lights, Khuli Chana’s Tswaa daar or even Pro’s Sekele. There are dope females rappers however they are not given the platform and the recognition they deserve. Seeing a South African sista rap in channel O is more shocking than seeing Jack Parrow flowing in Setswana.

Hip Hop DJ’ing sensation Noni Rwaxa, aka. Ms Cosmo

Hip Hop DJ’ing sensation Noni Rwaxa, aka. Ms Cosmo

The only program that promoted Mzansi’s Hip Hop sistaz was Counting Headz: South Afrika’s Sistaz in Hip Hop a documentary film that explores South African hip hop culture through the stories of women in hip hop. It was shot in 2006 and completed post-production in 2007.Primarily shot around Johannesburg with original performance footages shot at hip hop shows such as Black Sunday, Slaghuis and various locations in Soweto.

These are the Sistaz who feature in counting headz :Chi (mc),Sistamatic (dj),Smirk (graffiti artist),Cuba (mc),Lee Kasumba (radio dj, activist),D-Unik (dj),Tia Anam (mc),Kato (dj),Crystal Orderson (journalist, gender activist),Supa (mc) Godessa (mcs), (mc),Nthabi (mc),Cuba (mc),Sisanda (mc),Nicky (beatboxer),Faith47 (graffiti artist).

Counting Headz_South Afrikas Sistaz in Hip_Hop

Counting Headz_South Afrikas Sistaz in Hip_Hop

That was the only high profile initiative to promote Sistaz in te game. Should a show be created on TV where it only features Sistaz in the game? Should a talent search show like IDOLS be initiated to search a dope female lyrists? What is it that can be done to promote our Sistaz in the game? Should there perhaps be a category in the SAMA awards of “BEST FEMALE in HIP HOP?”

the importance of character in attracting success

Most successful people have testified that CHARACTER is the foundation of “most” successes. Character is what guides most of our responses to any situation or circumstances. It takes an honest, determined and strong character trait to look beyond the impossible, someone who has the character trait of alertness is more likely to be a better driver than a person who does not recognize a potential danger around him/her (carelessness).


But how important is ones character? Does my character affect my everyday life, my working environment and the people I surround myself with on a daily basis? is there a good or bad character, what are the qualities of a good character?


Abraham Lincoln said “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree. The shadow is what we think of it and the tree is the real thing”. Our character is much more than what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no-one is watching.


We tend to judge people according to their demeanour, educational background, all external circumstances; we evaluate them with the size of their success or failure, their bank accounts and all the trivial aspects. But how much can you know by looking at these things?

Character is what makes people believe in you, the first thing that catches your interviewer’s eye is your character. The moment you walk through the gates of your potential workplace you are being assessed on the kind of person you are. Your character is essential for both individual success and for our society to function successfully or in a working environment.


So yes our characters does affect our everyday lives, the collection of all our good or bad character traits come with an end result which will determine if a situation becomes a success or a total vain.

Fortunate enough, we can alter our character traits and select a handful to be the best that we can be. All it takes is adaptation and perseverance. for example: as a student it takes diligence, hard work and hunger for knowledge to make it in the end, which proves to be a success unlike a person who finds no comfort in his/her work and fails to pride themselves with it, that will only lead to a disaster.


So let’s all agree to disagree that our characters determine our success, affects the people we connect with on a daily basis. Nothing is more important for true success in your life.  Like a good friend once said character is everything, it’s through the strength of your character that you’re able to push through and take on challenges boldly which inevitably breeds success.

By: Polly Sekwale

The Quality Of South African Music Videos

I’ve been watching a lot of music video channels lately just out of interest & to check out new music videos (since America churns out so many music videos) and I’ve been very pleased to see how much the standard of music videos, especially South African music videos has risen since the good old days when all you needed was a swimming pool & girls in bikinis to make a good music video.

Now I’m not referring to guys like The Parlotones & Arno Carstens those guys make a lot of money from their music so it’s expected that every single one of their music videos will be on point and they are because just like American artists they also invest in their craft but alas before I digress I’m actually referring to artists from other genres like House/Dance, Hip Hop, Afro-Pop & Kwaito.

AKA & Da LES in the "Kontrol" video

AKA & Da LES in the “Kontrol” video

If you’ve been watching music shows like LiveAmp, Club808, ChannelO & MTVBase you will have noticed some brand new international standard videos especially from the Hip Hop fraternity just to name a few: AKA’s “Kontrol”, Reason’s “Tla Ko Bone”, L-Tido’s “Who You Lovin” and a whole lot more.

Reason & KG in the "Tla Ko Bone" video

Reason & KG in the “Tla Ko Bone” video

Artists like Donald & Toya Delazy (Both BET awards nominees) have invested time & money into their craft with excellent visuals to accompany their music and I’m pretty certain this played a huge role in them getting spotted by the nomination panel and it’s paid off because the results of getting noticed on an international platform like the BET Awards can only be positive.

Donald with Clint Brink & Nomzamo Mbatha on the set of "Your Joy"

Donald with Clint Brink & Nomzamo Mbatha on the set of “Your Joy”

 We’ve moved away from the conventional concepts of music videos (like swimming pools & girls in bikinis) to artists like Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar who have movie-like music videos due to the brilliant conceptualisation & execution.

Kanye West's video for "Runaway" later became a 30-minute short film

Kanye West’s video for “Runaway” later became a 30-minute short film

There are plenty of other artists like Ifani, Kabelo from TKZ, Lira, Julian Gomes (winner of best music video for “Lovesong 28” at the Metro FM Awards) who invest in their craft and at the end of the day that goes a long way in garnering a following for their music which equals more people at gigs & concerts which then equals better CD sales!

Lira's video for "Phakade"

Lira’s video for “Phakade”

So what’s the message here? South African artists need invest in their craft!



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