About Me

Simply_Phly is an online entertainment blog that was founded by an ambitious young lady Polly “Lady_Phly” Sekwala. From a very early stage in her career path she has always dreamed of having her own platform to express her thoughts. This is just one of her expeditions into the world of media and inner monologues.

Having started blogging from the year 2012, she has gained enough experience to launch Simply_Phly as a celebratainment blog. This is where you will get all the insides of everything hip, happening and “Phly”. Having started this journey she aims to grow the brand Simply_Phly to greater heights.

I have always had the passion to write but had no platform to share it with the world. Hence the birth of Simply_Phly. I learn everyday as a blogger and am inspired by successful young writers/bloggers such as Tshepiso Nthinya (The Tabloid), Sandile Nene (Sandy’s Online Diary), Allegro D ( OrgellaOnline) and Lelo (JustCurious) just to name a few.

Simply_Phly is no ordinary blog site. It’s aimed at acknowledging and celebrating the fanatical world of entertainment, giving you all the gossip on your celebrity news/ headlines, informing you about woman issues reviews and daily dose of pleasurable entertainment news.

Simply_Phly “Highlights of the Highlife” of ENTERTAINMENT  😉 

  1. Awww! Chomi, I am really happy to see that I managed to inspire you. Thanks so much for this! You don’t know how much it means to me ❤ Your blog looks amazing, by the way!

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