Pharrell sheds a “happy tear” while chatting to Mama O

Ahhhh how cute is Pharrell

Ahhhh how cute is Pharrell

As artist, the one thing you can wish for when you release your material for the whole world to indulge in, is to get a positive feedback from them, more especially your fans. In a brief interview with Oprah, Pharrell is shown a video that his fans across the globe created in appreciation of his offering “Happy”. Pharrell is seen in a rather emotional state when he explain to Oprah that when the song was released there was no airplay, up until they released the actual video on the 21ST of November 2013 and then BOOOOOOOOOM everything went viral.

The song (which happens to be my favorite too) is one of those songs you want to play every time the universe has been good to you and you just want to scream how happy you are.

In this clip Pharrell is seen shedding a few happy tears when he is shown the response that the video got and how everyone across the globe did an imitation of the actual video. Check video link below.

This is an actual ahhhh moment for me, and I actually shed a tear myself.


XOXO Stay Phly 🙂

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