Celeb Top 10 with Vusi Nova

Vusi Nova

Vusi Nova

Although confessing to the fact that holding the title and award of Best Styled Artist for the MMA13 has its own pressure, we all have to admit that the gentleman knows how to look his best. He considers his style as classic but yet some days he prefers a much  more edgier look.

I always like to look original, so I cant really say I follow anyone in terms of my style sense.

I asked Vusi to describe himself in three words, I swear this was like writing a maths test. But nonetheless the guy describes himself not only as gentle but loving and “naughty” which of course in that sense he leaves us to use our own imagination of how we want to interpret the “naughty” part…

Vusi Nova who has made the number one spot on the local top 20

Vusi Nova who has made the number one spot on the local top 20

For all the ladies out there, I doubt that any of you would be his type… Lol! his type of woman would have to be a cross between Boity and Alicia Keys as he adds on. Now I wonder if such beauty does exist in this space :). Vusi goes on to say that he would like to collaborate with our favorite “panties” man Mr R. Kelly himself. If you dont find him listening to RnB, it would have to be Afro Pop and Reggae (lets just hope he doesn’t listen to it with the swag in hand).
We asked Vusi what are the top 10 things he cannot live without and this is what he had to say.
1. Music, there is just no life without music.
2. My car, I  would really die without it.
3. Sneakers, I have a collection and they just have to be Diesel, there is just something about this brand.
4. Horse riding
5. ………. just cause I’m naughty
6. I cannot do without breakfast, my mornings just have to start with that.
7. A shower!, I just don’t get how some people just rock up without having a bath
8. My everyday vocal exercises
9. My phone, well of course Vusi the interview wouldn’t happen without it :), and lastly
10. My fans everywhere, I appreciate the love that they give me.
Go get a copy of his latest offering on iTunes
Also be on the look out of his latest music video which is yet to be released for the hit song Nguwe.

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