Fana Mokoena To Co-Star In World War Z

Many South Africans remember Fana Mokoena as Dr Mandla Sithole in the popular soapie Generations but Mokoena is building quite a profile in Hollywood.


Fana Mokoena

Fana Mokoena




 All Fana Mokoena had to do was meet the producers, including Brad Pitt, to land a role in the chart-busting movie World War Z,  the biggest role of his 20-year career. The film will be released in local cinemas next Friday (July 19th).

Fana Mokoena with Brad Pitt

Fana Mokoena with Brad Pitt

 One of the characters in the movie is Thierry Umutoni, the fictional deputy secretary general of the United Nations who is of African descent & Mokoena was recommended for the role by Director Marc Foster whom he worked on with on Machine Gun Preacher.


Fana Mokoena in World War Z

Fana Mokoena in World War Z


“When we shot Machine Gun Preacher, I spent a whole day with director Marc Foster trying to fix a scene,” Mokoena said. “It sometimes happens that a scene is written, it kind of works on paper but when you put it on film it becomes a problem. So the whole shoot literally had to come to a standstill for almost half a day while myself, the director and Gerard Butler, who played the protagonist, were working the scene. I think that kind of gave the director a chance to get to know me as an artist.”

Foster recommended Mokoena to the producers, who were skeptical at first so they invited him to Malta which meant he had to get an Italian Visa they had to write a letter with Brad Pitt’s signature on it (talk about star power). 

All this & he didn’t even have to audition for the role! Mokoena said Pitt – despite his megastar status – was anything but a demanding superstar,

“He was the producer on this film but made his own coffee. He came to me on the first day and asked if I was okay because I was shaking like a leaf. I was just nervous and I think he picked it up so he gave me a bottle of water and we just spoke about nonsense.”


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