[CD REVIEW]Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

The worldwide hits Around The World and One More Time made Daft Punk a household name even if the two band members – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter – shunned publicity by hiding their identities from the public with robot costumes.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk

 But since the release of the popular tracks Around The World and One More Time, Daft Punk have done little to maintain the hype. Until now! More than two years in the making, their new album, Random Access Memories, has been steeped in hype.


Random Access Memories is full of WTF moments: Julian Casablancas delivering maybe the most emotive vocals of his career through a vocoder-style haze; dance godfather Giorgio Moroder waxing nostalgic on an electro-jazz-funk epic; pop-schmaltz guru Paul Williams (“We’ve Only Just Begun“) playing a love-starved cyborg in a disco fantasia.

 It’s a long way from Homework, the 1997 debut on which they perfected a brand of synth-and-sample-centered house music which inspired acts from Kanye West to Swedish House Mafia, Its brilliance is irrefutable.

Kanye West with Daft Punk

Kanye West with Daft Punk

 There’s a narrative here, too, although in concept-album tradition, it’s a pretty vague one which tells a story that suggests cyborgs striving to be human. This album this is Daft Punk conjuring the musical era that first inspired them, when disco conquered the world with handcrafted grooves and prog-rock excess magnified emotions in black-lit bedrooms.

 The absence of “modern” club beats is striking. This is not a record for the average EDM listener with guest appearances by Pharrell Williams on lead single “ Get Lucky” and “ Lose Yourself To Dance” Paul Williams, Todd Edwards and Panda Bear.

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