Ex-Fly Chix Member Joins Vuzu

From next Monday ex-Fly Chix member, Denise Kopano Zimba gets her first take on Vuzu! Zimba is the one who broke away from the group to do her own thing, and one of the things is joining Vuzu.

New Vuzu Presenter Danise

New Vuzu Presenter Danise

Although she has been in the entertainment industry as a singer and a dancer, nothing has quite prepared her for this gig, she explained & said “I am a cabaret performer and that means I get to perform in front of people. So when I get too nervous about presenting on live TV, I am just going to think that I have been doing live performances before this anyway. Still, I am happy to try and see how far I go with this opportunity”

The Fly Chix

The Fly Chix

 But wait, there is a multitude of presenters on Vuzu already, do we really need another one? Apparently we do since there are only 2 female presenters it seemed fitting to add another one Denise explained how she got chosen “When we were shooting the Fly Chix reality show, there were some editors who liked my personality and thought it worked for Vuzu”


 That said, as happy as she can be, Zimba has to face the fact that she is entering established territory populated by talented presenters, some of whom have been doing it for a while (the snazzy Siyabonga Ngwekazi, the effortlessly funny Thomas Gumede, the beautiful Lalla Hirayama, the also beautiful Dineo Moeketsi & the coolest kid on the channel Fred Kayembe)

 I am not intimidated by any of them,” she said boldly

 Catch Denise Zimba on Vuzu from next Monday (17 June)

Source: http://www.iol.co.za

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