the importance of character in attracting success

Most successful people have testified that CHARACTER is the foundation of “most” successes. Character is what guides most of our responses to any situation or circumstances. It takes an honest, determined and strong character trait to look beyond the impossible, someone who has the character trait of alertness is more likely to be a better driver than a person who does not recognize a potential danger around him/her (carelessness).


But how important is ones character? Does my character affect my everyday life, my working environment and the people I surround myself with on a daily basis? is there a good or bad character, what are the qualities of a good character?


Abraham Lincoln said “Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree. The shadow is what we think of it and the tree is the real thing”. Our character is much more than what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no-one is watching.


We tend to judge people according to their demeanour, educational background, all external circumstances; we evaluate them with the size of their success or failure, their bank accounts and all the trivial aspects. But how much can you know by looking at these things?

Character is what makes people believe in you, the first thing that catches your interviewer’s eye is your character. The moment you walk through the gates of your potential workplace you are being assessed on the kind of person you are. Your character is essential for both individual success and for our society to function successfully or in a working environment.


So yes our characters does affect our everyday lives, the collection of all our good or bad character traits come with an end result which will determine if a situation becomes a success or a total vain.

Fortunate enough, we can alter our character traits and select a handful to be the best that we can be. All it takes is adaptation and perseverance. for example: as a student it takes diligence, hard work and hunger for knowledge to make it in the end, which proves to be a success unlike a person who finds no comfort in his/her work and fails to pride themselves with it, that will only lead to a disaster.


So let’s all agree to disagree that our characters determine our success, affects the people we connect with on a daily basis. Nothing is more important for true success in your life.  Like a good friend once said character is everything, it’s through the strength of your character that you’re able to push through and take on challenges boldly which inevitably breeds success.

By: Polly Sekwale


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