The Quality Of South African Music Videos

I’ve been watching a lot of music video channels lately just out of interest & to check out new music videos (since America churns out so many music videos) and I’ve been very pleased to see how much the standard of music videos, especially South African music videos has risen since the good old days when all you needed was a swimming pool & girls in bikinis to make a good music video.

Now I’m not referring to guys like The Parlotones & Arno Carstens those guys make a lot of money from their music so it’s expected that every single one of their music videos will be on point and they are because just like American artists they also invest in their craft but alas before I digress I’m actually referring to artists from other genres like House/Dance, Hip Hop, Afro-Pop & Kwaito.

AKA & Da LES in the "Kontrol" video

AKA & Da LES in the “Kontrol” video

If you’ve been watching music shows like LiveAmp, Club808, ChannelO & MTVBase you will have noticed some brand new international standard videos especially from the Hip Hop fraternity just to name a few: AKA’s “Kontrol”, Reason’s “Tla Ko Bone”, L-Tido’s “Who You Lovin” and a whole lot more.

Reason & KG in the "Tla Ko Bone" video

Reason & KG in the “Tla Ko Bone” video

Artists like Donald & Toya Delazy (Both BET awards nominees) have invested time & money into their craft with excellent visuals to accompany their music and I’m pretty certain this played a huge role in them getting spotted by the nomination panel and it’s paid off because the results of getting noticed on an international platform like the BET Awards can only be positive.

Donald with Clint Brink & Nomzamo Mbatha on the set of "Your Joy"

Donald with Clint Brink & Nomzamo Mbatha on the set of “Your Joy”

 We’ve moved away from the conventional concepts of music videos (like swimming pools & girls in bikinis) to artists like Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar who have movie-like music videos due to the brilliant conceptualisation & execution.

Kanye West's video for "Runaway" later became a 30-minute short film

Kanye West’s video for “Runaway” later became a 30-minute short film

There are plenty of other artists like Ifani, Kabelo from TKZ, Lira, Julian Gomes (winner of best music video for “Lovesong 28” at the Metro FM Awards) who invest in their craft and at the end of the day that goes a long way in garnering a following for their music which equals more people at gigs & concerts which then equals better CD sales!

Lira's video for "Phakade"

Lira’s video for “Phakade”

So what’s the message here? South African artists need invest in their craft!

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