Generations Script Whooo’s and what to look out for in the future.

Came across a very interesting article today on Sowetan Live and I just had to share.

Viewers who think that Generations is a bore right now, should hold on to their seats as the upcoming story-line is about to keep you glued to your screens.

Zenande Mfenyana plays Noluntu in Generations

Zenande Mfenyana plays Noluntu in Generations

The past four weeks, viewers have been persistently fed with Noluntu’s extremes, to the point of drugging her mother and making her crazy, portraying a monster of a person.

Villainess Noluntu Memela

Villainess Noluntu Memela

But if you thought that was extreme, wait until Noluntu’s life take a big twist and she is forced her to eat humble pie.

Meanwhile, head of Generations script-writing department, Bongi Ndaba says their aim is to create a villainess out of Noluntu.

She says people are used to seeing men playing the villain role, like Sibusiso Dlomo, Ngamla, Jack Mabaso and others.

“We are creating a villainess and that is what people are going to see.”

Winnie Modise who plays Khetiwe on Generations

Winnie Modise who plays Khetiwe on Generations

Okay, so what else can we expect?

Ndaba says, Khethiwe’s character would be one to watch out for as it would definitely get people talking. Her drinking problem would go from bad to worse.

Khethiwe’s plot which focuses on alcoholism is one of the generations mandate, she explains.

“People have already seen her drinking and I know they would be saying why didn’t Generations pick that up. I do not believe that a person drinks today and tomorrow becomes an alcoholic.

“Viewers do not understand that we plan such things, it is not a mistake. We plotted that she is going to start drinking but we are going to deal with alcoholism issue later in the year.”

She further says people take years to become alcoholics but they cannot do that since it’s a television show.

“We had planned that she is going to start drinking and it is going to deteriorate. All the bad things she had done will come out through alcohol. She is not drinking because she enjoys alcohol but her life is not going the way she wants it to. She is drinking to fill this void inside her.”


Dineo’s marriage..

Another storyline that viewers can look forward to would be Dineo’s marriage woes.

“Since she stole Phenyo from another woman, those issues would come back to haunt her. Right now she is married but not happy. She is currently in the dark but people are yet to see that. All the underlying issues that happened when was young, will haunt her now.”

Head of Generations scriptwriting department, Bongi Ndaba

Head of Generations script-writing department, Bongi Ndaba

Why do you frustrate fans with your soapie timeline?

Ndaba says viewers always want the story-lines to portray what they know forgetting that it’s a soapie.

She says in soaps there is no way that you can have a quick wrap-up of a story-line.

“Take Noluntu’s story, people are already complaining that it has been dragging on for too long. We ran a story-line between three and six weeks.”

“When stories involve culture people expect it to be realistic. Culture first starts with the clan, then family and then the individuals. We write a character that can be influenced by that culture they believe. Culture is personal, you cannot blanket it,”  Ndaba clarifies.

She says when it comes to planning story-lines they look at stories that were never done. Ndaba says they also have an abuse story coming up that would involve Dineo.

“This would not be the abuse that people always expect. I understand that people are getting emotional with such issues and have ideas of how it should have been done,” she said.

However, Ndaba denies that they want Dineo’s character to be the “slut” of the soapie. She said Dineo is married and would not be divorcing soon.

She also reveals that there are two new characters that would affect the story-line.

Asked why they kill characters instead of replacing them, she said South African viewers get attached to them. She said they have tried with Archie Moroka and people complained.



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  1. I don’t like the way s’busiso is treating dineo…why can’t he just accept her

  2. thapelomosiuoa

    I have a feeling that they are trying to turn him into the bad guy Generations has always had one ie. Kenneth Mashaba, Jack Mabaso

  3. I want Khethiwe”s secret about her son not being Khapela’s to be revealed…..its been too long now!

  4. DiNeo sucks shE doesn’t get caught nx

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